New Webinar - Learn How AGM Shortens Time-to-Market and Elevates Your Development 

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Learn How AGM Shortens Time-to-Market and Elevates Your Development

Join our webinar on December 8th, where we will show off our Application Graphics Manager (AGM), how it may be of value to you, and how to implement it into your development process.

This webinar will cover: 

  • An introduction to AGM and how it can help you shorten development time by integrating Spatial components for import, modeling, meshing, and visualization, as well as common user-interface modules, into an easily extensible development package
  • How AGM can be used as both a bootstrap architecture for new applications as well as a development sandbox and prototyping platform for new functionality
  • An example additive manufacturing workflow to show effective development within AGM
  • An in-depth technical overview of AGM and how to implement and execute SDK capabilities within it
  • The long-term cost-benefit of partnering with Spatial and how we compare against other available options
  • And more!

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How to attend:

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There will be three regional-focused webinars for this topic. 

Americas Webinar: Dec 8th, 11:00 AM MDT

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European Webinar: Dec 8th, 03:00 PM CEST

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Asia Pacific Webinar: Dec 8th, 10:00 AM CST

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Yashdeep Padey is a Solution Consultant at Spatial Corp, where he is part of the Customer Success team. He specializes in solving complex engineering problems with Spatial SDKs to help customers create cutting-edge software solutions. He is a resident AGM expert helping customers create new applications, utilizing the framework as a vehicle to reduce time to market.

At the core of Yashdeep's work is his education in mechanical engineering. He is a Carnegie Mellon University alum who specialized in CAD programming and was part of the CMU Hyperloop team. In his spare time, he is an adrenaline junkie who engages in skydiving, paddle boarding, and skiing.