New Webinar - ACIS Polyhedra - Mesh Handling for ACIS Customers

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ACIS Polyhedra - Mesh Handling for ACIS Customers

Join our webinar happening in early 2023, where we will be showing off ACIS Polyhedra and introducing all of its capabilities.

This webinar's content is still being developed and may cover: 

  • An introduction to ACIS Polyhedra and all of its capabilities
  • How ACIS Polyhedra can benefit a range of workflows across industries
  • A demonstration workflow within the ACIS Polyhedra SDK
  • and more!

Pre-register by completing the form on the right. When more details are available, and a date is set, you will receive an email from us letting you know. 


Your Host:


Aditya Utturwar will host this webinar and lead you through all of the intricacies of the new ACIS Polyhedra SDK. He has been deeply involved with the ACIS product line for quite a while now and is the perfect expert to show what this new SDK is capable of.

Webinar Details

How to attend:

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