Spatial Assessment Program

Spatial Assessment Program

Enhance your revenue and market relevance with a three-phased approach to helping you:

Maximize the life of your best in class technologies
Become confident that your 3D interoperability or 3D modeling technology is implemented in a robust, performant manner
Align Spatial's strategy with yours to enable a solid, long-lasting relationship

Start Your Assessment

What is the Spatial Assessment Program (SAP)?

The Spatial Assessment Program allows Spatial to work with your teams to discover, discuss, and provide suggestions or solutions to the challenges of your existing products in a changing market.

It is a phased approach to first help us understand your needs, and then dig into and focus on the topics that are of greatest benefit, and finally to provide you with the guidance to achieve that benefit. 

Maximize Your Application Lifecycle

Development of new products and applications requires a great amount of investment to develop, deploy and establish in the market. Make the most of this investment by extending the time your mature product spends earning it’s highest revenue at the lowest required cost. If your maintenance costs are high, the product is unstable, or customers are beginning to choose other products to replace yours, it is the opportune time to contact Spatial and discuss this program.

The black line shows a generalized depiction of the Market Lifecycle that a product may follow, eventually declining. Spatial has developed the Customer Assessment program to enable customers extend the lifespan of the product, with minimal investment, maximizing the area under the curve.

Spatial Assessment Program Graph

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

ALM is a natural progression from Product Design and Development all the way to planning your next generation products. Spatial has used this to guide the development of our Services Products to assist in achieving your goals, or transforming your product to best meet market demands.

Application Lifecycle Management


How It Works: SAP Phases