On-Demand Webinar - Enable Automatic Supports Creation in your 3D Printing Application

Enable Automatic Supports Creation in your 3D Printing Application On Demand Poster

Watch our webinar, where we show off our new additive manufacturing capabilities within CGM Modeler.

What’s new in 2023 1.0:

  • Automatic support zone computation, Volume support generation, Cone support generation
    • A dedicated operator that allows more automation, anchor generation, etc., will come in a later release
  • Wire support generation
    • The existing operator has been updated to be easier to use and to allow the creation of contour-type wire supports.

This webinar covers: 

  • An introduction to CGM Modeler's new volume support creation and nesting capabilities
  • Quick light-weighting of an industrial part via the construction of an internal honeycomb lattice
  • A demonstration of how CGM Modeler can import, create and adjust volume and conical supports with ease and how it can impact and elevate your workflows. 

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