Lubansoft Case Study

See How Lubansoft Boosts Design Quality and Reduces Costly Errors

“Lubansoft is a specialized construction BIM software and service provider. Through our decade-long cooperation with Spatial, Lubansoft can take advantage of the world’s leading 3D modeling kernel and graphics platform and, thereby, be able to devote our research and development energies to the creation of higher value-added specialized applications. Using Spatial’s SDKs has raised the competitiveness of our products, accelerated the pace of software development and shortened our time to market.“ — Dr. YANG Bao Ming, Lubansoft CEO

Market: CAD / CAM, Woodworking, Design and Manufacturing

Challenges: Replace the existing 3D modeling and visualization engines, which limit performance and capabilities, with industrial-strength solutions.

Solution: A solution based on the Spatial 3D ACIS Modeler and HOOPS Visualize.

• Simplified product development
• Shortened time to market
• Raised product competitiveness
• Broadened the product line
• Increased customer satisfaction

Lubansoft Case Study

Lubansoft’s enterprise-level building information management (BIM) system (Luban PDS) is an engineering basic-data platform that innovatively applies cutting-edge BIM technology to the entire process of project management for the construction industry. Lubansoft’s BIM application clients are mobile ready, able to support mobile office requirements of the construction industry.

Lubansoft, founded in 2001, focuses on research, development and promotion of China’s BIM technology. The company concentrates on construction-phase BIM technology projects, plus enterprise-level solution research and development and services.

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