FVA GmbH Case Study

See How FVA Accelerates Support for New and Updated CAD Formats

“Working with Spatial enables our small and highly competent development team, staffed by the top experts from the industry, to focus on our core competency: numerical simulations. Thus, we are able to respond quickly to changes in the dynamic technology environment and new requirements from our customers.” — Norbert Haefke, CEO, FVA GmbH

Market: CAD / CAM, Woodworking, Design and Manufacturing

Challenges: To maintain a competitive advantage, FVA needed to add additional functionality to FVA-Workbench:
• The ability to perform Boolean operations on gear models
• Performing FEA required detailed meshing support
• Calculating mass and column of a gear system

• ACIS® 3D modeling kernel
• 3D Precise Mesh
• 3D InterOp for interoperability
• HOOPS Visualize

• The ACIS API allows FVA to model solid bodies with just a few lines of code, plus provide access to powerful Boolean operations
• 3D Precise Mesh powers the fast meshing needed for FEA
• 3D InterOp enables best-in-class CAD interoperability




FVA Software and Service
Founded in 2010, FVA GmbH is a joint venture between FVA e.V. (Forschungsvereinigung Antriebstechnik, the Research Association for Drive Technology) and GzF (Gesellschaft zur Förderung des Maschinenbaues mbH, the Association for the Promotion of Mechanical Engineering) created to develop analysis and simulation software for drive technology, along with associated professional services and support.

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