Healing as an essential function: Preserving Design Intent in 3D Models

Ipad-Ebook2In this 10 page eBook, written by industry experts with more than 20 years experience,  you will learn:

  • Why healing of 3D models is required
  • What actions does 3D InterOp perform prior to healing
  • Details of the healing process

Sharing 3D models between different applications in open engineering processes means that the geometry is now the specification for many complex systems; therefore, accurate translation from one system to another becomes essential. But even if a model is accurately read, the output model has to conform to the rules of the target system. Key to obtaining such a conforming model is healing. High-quality geometry output is essential to preserve the data’s robustness and quality for use in modeling operations. 

Spatial provides a robust set of API functions that can heal the incoming model data so that it conforms to the rules of the target system, while adhering to the intent of the source. 

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