CCCC-FHDI Case Study

See How CCCC Lowers Development Costs and Speeds Up Time-to-Market

“Through our cooperation with Spatial, CCCC-FHDI has access to the world’s leading 3D components and application development framework. The Spatial SDKs allow us to devote our research and development energies to the development of higher value-added specialized applications. This partnership has lowered our development costs, accelerated the pace of our software development, and raised the competitiveness of HIDAS.” — Dr. ZHAO Hongjian, Head of HIDAS Development

Market: 3D Modeling

Challenges: None of the 3D design software currently available on the market could fully satisfy the needs of the company’s harbor design business.

Solution: Develop a custom solution based on Spatial’s 3D ACIS Modeler and HOOPS Visualize, using the AGM as a 3D application development framework.

• Lowered development costs
• Accelerated product development
• Increased product competitiveness


CCCC-FHDI Engineering Co., Ltd., a renowned engineer and construction services company, with a focus on port engineering survey and design, has built a base platform for engineering design, resolved key technical problems of geology, geotechnical analysis, hydraulic design and the collaborative design process, and enabled 3D visualization of geological information through the construction of 3D models with HIDAS.

The system allows users to carry out geotechnical analysis for slope stability, subsidence, etc.; 3D modeling of high pile wharfs; planar and spatial calculations on a 3D geological model; as well as automatically adding reinforcements inside of concrete structures. Moreover, it automatically produces various construction drawings and detailed material lists, fully integrating all process data for geology, geotechnics, and hydraulic design.

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